‘She-Ra’ is being rebooted for Netflix

It’s been 30 years since “She-Ra: Princess of Power” made TV a little cooler. But now Princess Adora is coming back to television—and ’80s kids are freaking out over this awesome news!

It was first announced yesterday via press release. Netflix and Dreamworks revealed that executive producer Noelle Stevenson—well-known among comics fans as the artist behind “Nimona” and “Lumberjanes”—will be behind the new “She-Ra” series. Noelle Stevenson is also known for her work on animated kids’ show “Wonder Over Yonder.” According to the release, this “She-Ra” revival “will present a modern take on the ’80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans.”

Stevenson took to Twitter to share her excitement:


And, understandably, the news made Twitter combust:


And lots of people are excited to pass down the “She-Ra” love to their kids:

After all, she’s a powerful female figure who fights for justice. What’s not to love? The twin of He-Man, She-Ra is a fiercely loyal and strategic warrior who uses her superhero status to defend her kingdom from the nefarious Skeletor. She can also communicate with animals via telepathic ability.


She also has a pretty cool unicorn (Swift Wind) and lives in an awesome castle. And don’t forget about her bejeweled Sword of Protection, which is how Princess Adora is able to transform into She-Ra and access her superhero powers.

Along with this reboot, Netflix and Dreamworks are also going to release five other animated series in 2018, including “Trolls: The Beat Goes On!”, “The Boss Baby: Back in Business,” “Harvey Street Kids,” “The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants,” “Trollhunters Part 3” and “3 Below” (which is the second installment of the “Tales of Arcadia Trilogy”).

So we definitely have a lot of awesome family-friendly television heading our way in the new year. But
by the honor of Greyskull, I am most excited for this 2018 adaption!


[h/t: Hello Giggles]