This CNN Reporter’s Wedding Was Out Of This World

Rachel Crane Andrew Marks wedding
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Even if you’re someone who’s not massively into weddings, you’ll want to take a peek at CNN reporter Rachel Crane’s recent nuptials. The space and science correspondent married her longtime boyfriend, investment banker Andrew Marks, in the French Riviera over the weekend, and the ensuing pictures of the ceremony are seriously out of this world.

Combine a love of space with a generous budget and a gorgeous backdrop — the couple got hitched at the Villa et Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild — and you have the building blocks of Crane and Marks’ wedding. Fortunately for those of us who couldn’t attend (or who weren’t, ahem, invited), guests shared tons of pictures on social media using the hashtag #LesMarks.

After the wedding crew arrived in the French Riviera, the fun started. And it started, first and foremost, with space-themed T-shirts that read “Rachel loves Andrew to Mars,” and “Andrew loves Rachel to the moon,” complete with emojis.

The rest of the wedding also turned out pretty magical:

Kicking Off the Space Theme With Some Fun Shirts:

Take a Look at This Starry Backdrop:

Even Crane’s Dress Is Star-Spangled:

The Villa Was Gorgeous, Of Course:

The Rehearsal Dinner Decor Was Out of This World:

The Location? Not Too Bad, Either:

The Bride’s Look Was Beautiful, from Her Hair to Her Makeup:

There Were Flowers Everywhere:

And They Definitely Lived Happily Ever After…

If you thought that their wedding couldn’t get anymore surreal, then you’re absolutely correct. However, the newlyweds then capped off their perfect wedding with a beautiful honeymoon in Marrakech, Morocco, where Crane kept the space theme going strong with some star-studded outfits. Even some of the landscapes they explored while there were Mars-like.

Crane and Marks’ wedding definitely serves as the perfect example of a beautiful ceremony with a light touch of a theme. Something tells me many, many people will be pinning the Marks’ wedding photos to their Pinterest boards as inspiration for their own celebrations.

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