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This Raspberry-Cream Cheese Crescent Danish Is Festively Shaped Like A Candy Cane

It's easier to make than it looks!

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Candy canes are one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas. With holiday baking season in full swing, there are tons of ways to incorporate the look and flavor of this iconic peppermint candy into your baked goods this year.

For a festive Christmas morning, check out this raspberry-cream cheese candy cane crescent danish from Pillsbury. This classic pastry recipe uses both fresh raspberries and raspberry preserves for a morning treat that is bursting with fruit flavor.

To achieve the candy cane shape, you’ll mold the dough into triangles that are then closed and shaped into the curve of the cane. In the comments, one baker says she substituted strawberry pie filling and used green and red sanding sugar on top for an extra-festive twist.


How pretty!

Another adorable way to incorporate candy canes into your holiday baking is with these candy cane cookies from Betty Crocker. These sugar cookies call for peppermint extract, so they taste a bit like candy canes as well. Red food coloring and crushed peppermint candies complete the classic red and white look.

This recipe is a twist on a quintessential sugar cookie recipe from the 1963 “Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book,” so you can rest assured it’s tried and true.

Betty Crocker

I’m not sure whether to eat those or hang them on my tree!

To really go all out with the candy cane theme this holiday season, bake up this candy cane layered cake from Ahead of Thyme. This creamy-cool cake incorporates plenty of real candy canes as well as fresh mint. Decorate it with additional candy canes on top for a dessert that looks like it came straight from Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.

Ahead of Thyme

And if you like the look of candy canes but aren’t into sweets, check out these mac and cheese-flavored candy canes.

Do you have a favorite candy cane recipe for the holidays?