This Rat Got Stuck in a Manhole And Had To Be Rescued By Firefighters

Over the years, you’ve probably heard many stories of heroic rescues and firefighters rushing to the aid of people and animals in distress. “The cat stuck up in a tree” is a classic for a reason.

However, one unlikely animal needed her own rescue squad this week in Bensheim, Germany. The animal was a wee rat—well, actually a rather chubby rat. Her size is precisely what got her into a now-viral predicament.

Rodent Rescue

It seems this rat thought she was a bit more svelte than she actually is and attempted to wriggle through a manhole cover. She didn’t quite make it and wedged herself in one of the small holes. “She had a lot of winter flab and was stuck fast at her hip—there was no going forward or back,” animal rescuer Michael Sehr told local media. Her head, front legs and half her torso protruded up out of the street, leaving her rear end and back feet dangling below. Poor girl!

Thankfully, pint-size residents nearby noticed the stranded rat and called for the professionals. Animal rescuers and volunteer firefighters soon arrived on the scene in response to the caring and concerned children. Their unique mission was officially recorded as an “animal rescue, small animal.”

It’s a good thing they came to her aid. In the photos, you can plainly see the anguish and fear on the little creature’s face. How would you feel smooshed right through the middle and unable to move? She must have been terrified!

Play by Play

The volunteer firefighters also documented the rescue mission from start to finish with video and photos shared on Facebook. You can watch the whole episode unfold here:

No matter how small or silly the predicament may seem, you can count on firefighters and professionals to do everything in their power to bring you—or a little street rat—to safety.

As far as we know, our tubby rat tale has a happy ending. (She hightailed it back into the sewer system, so we can’t ask her personally!) The team freed her from the confines of the manhole cover, and then the children who discovered her thanked them with a drawing.

Sorry, pizza rat, but the chubby sewer rat has stolen our hearts and we’re not looking back!