This real-life version of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ will surely impress


Po’s not the only bear who’s got some major skills. Sure—the main character of “Kung Fu Panda” has some awe-worthy Kung Fu moves, but there’s a real-life black bear that may just give the panda a run for his money. Footage of a black bear yielding a stick of bamboo was caught at the ASA Zoo in Japan, and it’s really quite impressive. To prove it—it’s gotten over 6 million views on YouTube.

Clearly, the bear’s talents are nothing to scoff at! The video runs for over three minutes, and the bear is twirling the stick between his paws the entire time. He really seems like he could go all day, not that he’s trying to show off or anything.

Watch the bear in action:

For comparison, you can see that Po the panda is quite handy with bamboo, too.

He’s got talent—there’s no denying it. But, hey this is an animated movie, after all. This black bear’s the real deal, which makes him all the more special, if you ask us.

People immediately noticed the similarities between the animated panda and the real-life bear online:

And while they seemed impressed, they did point out that “Kung Fu Black Bear” didn’t quite have the same ring to it:

But, the title’s the easy part. Learning to twirl the bamboo like that was the hard part!

Of course, this black bear isn’t the only animal that’s got some real natural abilities. In fact, a whale recently picked up on the fact that a shark was nearby and was able to save a diver by trying to tuck her under its fin and even lifting her out of the water.

It’s really something, isn’t it?

Whether you’re a fan of Po, the black bear or this whale, there’s no denying these animals all have their own unique capabilities, and really—that’s what makes animals so great!

If you’d like to spend even more of your time looking at animal videos (we can’t say we’d blame you!), there’s even more where these came from!


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