The Real Reason Why Your Bartender Rinses Your Glass Right Before It’s Poured

The skills of bartending go far beyond just pouring a beer. In fact, there are several unexpected ways that your bartender can improve your overall drinking experience without you ever realizing it. One of those ways is by rinsing out your glass before pouring your another beer. You may have seen this done several times in a star sink or a glass rinser, as shown below, but you may have never realized it’s total purpose.

Star sinks are handy tools for quickly rinsing out glasses prior to pouring the drink. The quick blast of water helps to remove any lingering dish soap or debris that could be residing in the glass. However, the star sinks actually does more for your drinking experience than just rinsing your glass.

According to VinePair, rinsing out the glass also can improve flavor of your beer. Apparently, the burst of water makes the glass more slippery, and therefore, allows for a cleaner pour with a more fragrant head to the beer. Also, using the star sink cools down the glass a bit, so it doesn’t heat up your beer unnecessarily.

So, if you see your bartender rinsing out your glass in-between pours, make sure to give them an appreciative tip. They are going above and beyond for your beer drinking experience.