You Really Need To Hear This Talking Porcupine Tell You To Back Off His Corn


Your childhood teddy bear probably didn’t look, sound or feel like this.

Allow us to present to you Teddy Bear. No, he’s not your traditional teddy. You definitely would not want to haul him to bed to cuddle, either. You see, this Teddy Bear is a… porcupine. But not just any porcupine. This teddy bear likes to talk.

A lot.

Listen closely to some of his responses—you will end up swearing you heard him speak. OK, he sounds like an Ewok from Star Wars. But still.

A resident of Zooniversity, an exotic animal rescue and wildlife education company in Dallas, Teddy is a big fan of corn on the cob. Just don’t you dare try to take it from him. He will put you in your place.

Telling people to back off his corn isn’t the only thing Teddy Bear has to say.


And Punxsutawney Phil isn’t the only animal capable of making a bold prediction. Teddy always has the inside line on the Super Bowl, and he nailed this pick.

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