Really? A Woman Plans To Sue Starbucks For Using Too Much Ice

We all know that people can be grumpy before they’ve ever had their coffee, but some people aren’t too happy even after they’ve had their caffeine fix, apparently.

A woman is suing Starbucks for putting too much ice in their iced drinks. You wouldn’t want too much ice to get in the way of your morning coffee, would you? Certainly not. But suing seems a bit excessive, if you ask me.

Of course, the Starbucks corporation feels the same way. According to TMZ, the company thinks that customers should expect ice in their iced drinks. I mean, it is a key ingredient, after all.


But, that’s not stopping Stacy Pincus from filing a $5 million law suit against the company that’s watering down their iced coffee drinks with too much ice.

The problem is with the advertising. The Daily Mail reports that Pincus doesn’t like the false advertisement. You’re not really getting 12 oz. of coffee if there’s also ice in there. I mean, you could just order the size up, in that case, just saying.

Considering the fact that Starbucks will remake any drink a customer isn’t happy with, according to the TMZ article, I can’t imagine this will hold up in court. At least, I surely hope it won’t.

Because believe it or not, there are more important issues in life than coffee. I know. I know.

[h/t: Daily Mail]