6 Reasons Why You Should Start Taking A Break At Work

Working nine to five can be a struggle, but so many of us are used to grind that we push through eight-plus hours a day, staring the computer screen, answering emails, and taking calls.

We eat lunch at our desk in an attempt not to get behind, and we don’t stop until it’s time to leave in the evening.  Although we may be accomplishing our daily tasks, working for such long hours can actually have detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing.

Those who sit for four hours or more per day have a 50 percent increased risk of death and an even higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers have found that standing or moving for two hours of the day can counteract these effects, so it’s definitely worth it to make your lunch break one hours of that amount.

Additionally, our brains can only efficiently focus on tasks for a limited amount of time. Our brains, like our muscles, become depleted after a lot of work, so it’s necessary to let them recharge after increased concentration.

Research has found that a good formula for productivity is to work for 52 minutes, and follow that time with a 17 minute break. This can help your productivity as well as your accuracy and efficiency in your work.

If you need an excuse to get out of the office for even just 30 minutes, consider these six reasons why it’s good for your body and brain to take a break while you’re at work.

1. It Can Improve Your Overall Health

Even if you can’t take that full two-hour break, walking for even just 30 minutes can reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, and lower your risk of diabetes.

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2. You Could Get An Increase In Energy

If you ever experience an afternoon slump, a lunchtime break may be all you need for a rejuvenating boost of energy. Taking a walk can boost your energy levels and fight fatigue, and the break will help your brain recharge and feel less drained.

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3. It Can Help Improve Your Mood

Studies show that taking brief walks outside can help improve your mood as well as alleviate symptoms of depression. Not only does the exercise boost your endorphins, but being outdoors alone can help your mental wellbeing.

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4. It’ll Help Recharge Your Brain

After so many hours of working, your brain needs some downtime to process information. Activities such as taking a nap, meditating, or even just participating in a hobby can help consolidate data, solidify memories, and even improve creativity and problem solving.

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5. I Can Improve Your Productivity

Not only is human interaction healthy, but it can also improve productivity in the workplace. Studies show that interaction with your coworkers can help you not only perform better, but can make you more passionate about your work and less likely to quite your job.

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6. It Can Help Relieve Stress

Working all day long can get pretty stressful, and it may seem like tearing yourself away from the job at end would make it worse.

However, many studies show that taking breaks can help alleviate stress, and you can use that time to do other stress-relieving activities such as exercise, meditation, or even watching a funny video.

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