You Can Make This Clean Eating Version Of Strawberry Dole Whip At Home

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It’s worth a trip to Disney World just to try the Dole Whip, but if you’re unable to make it this summer, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the taste of delicious, fruity soft-serve this summer.

The classic Dole Whip is pineapple flavored, but Disney’s come up with some pretty unique ways to enjoy the treat over the years — think everything from pumpkin spice-flavored Dole Whip to Dole Whip margaritas. So, it’s no surprise to see that fruits other than pineapple will work in this treat. That’s precisely why you won’t mind mixing up this strawberry version at home all summer long.

The recipe comes from Dashing Dish and is the perfect clean-eating treat. A serving is only 105 calories, so you won’t experience any remorse after indulging in this frozen sweet.

To make your very own strawberry Dole Whip, you’ll need frozen strawberries, unsweetened almond milk (or the milk of your choice), a sweetener of your choice, lemon juice and just a pinch of salt.

You’ll simply combine all of the ingredients in a blender, place the mixture in a plastic bag and freeze it for about 10 minutes before cutting the corner of the bag to create the perfect instrument to pipe this frozen treat into a bowl:

Dashing Dish

Dashing Dish also points out that if you’re not ready to enjoy these right away — they keep well in the freezer, maintaining a thick, slushy consistency all the while.

And since these freeze well, you might also consider pouring the mixture into popsicle bags instead of piping them into individual bowls. That way, you can enjoy Dole Whip anytime, anywhere — even when you’re on the go.

A recipe from Kleinworth & Co. walks you through the steps of making pineapple Dole Whip popsicles right at home and even includes an added adult ingredient (rum!) to make these extra fun.

According to this version, all you need is pineapple chunks, coconut milk and rum. After combining everything and pulsing in the blender, you’ll pour the mixture into individual popsicle bags and let it freeze overnight:

Kleinworth & Co.

We have a feeling this would be good with strawberries, banana or really any kind of fruit if you’re in the mood for substituting the pineapple. You could also easily swap the alcohol, too. Try a version with tequila or vodka instead of rum while you’re at it.

Considering you can easily make clean-eating and low-calorie, kid-friendly or adult versions of Dole Whip at home, there’s no denying you and your family will be enjoying this all summer long, no trip to Disney needed.

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