You need to try this ‘everything bagel’ chicken recipe right now

Everything bagels are arguably the perfect food, so it’s no surprise that the internet has gone crazy over Trader Joe’s’ “Everything but the Bagel” sesame seasoning blend.

Even those who don’t shop at Trader Joe’s have managed to jump on the bagel-inspired recipe bandwagon, and how could they resist? The flavor combination of sesame, garlic, and onion is easy to make at home and makes, well, everything taste better.

One recipe using this bagel seasoning blend has really caught our eye, and it’s not just because it looks like an everything bagel without the carbs.

This “Everything Bagel” chicken recipe from Gimme Some Oven is so easy, even the most amateur chefs can handle it with no problem. Plus, it’s super affordable, since all the ingredients you need are chicken breasts, butter and an everything bagel seasoning blend. You can buy the popular Trader Joe’s version, or Gimme Some Oven has her own recipe you can make at home.

The key to this recipe is letting the chicken breasts sit in a brine of saltwater for at least 15 minutes, unless your chicken breasts were sold pre-brined. (You can check the packaging if you’re not sure.) Then you just rinse them off, slather on some butter, add them to a baking pan or sheet, and generously sprinkle with that glorious everything bagel seasoning. You can also dip the chicken into the seasoning to coat both sides if you want an extra oomph of flavor.

Bake for 20 minutes, and you’ve got yourself a super-easy meal that tastes like all your bagel dreams come true—with some added protein and none of those carbs.

Check out the full recipe from Gimme Some Oven to get all the details, and we promise you’ll never be stuck on what to make for dinner again. Rest assured that, ahem, everything will be delicious.