How To Reclaim Your Cabinets From Plastic Bags

Who knows why, but for some reason things just take up so much more room when they are unorganized. This even goes for plastic bags, which seem like they should take up no room at all. Still, when left untamed the mountain of bags seems to continuously expand.

Photo by taberandrew
Photo by taberandrew
Photo by taberandrew

So here you go, a strategy to keep this crinkly mess contained.  No more pulling bag upon bag out, only to find more plastic bags inside the one you finally release from the tangle of others. Now with the investment of a little start-up time and even less maintenance time, you can have your very own plastic bag dispenser.

You will need a couple things before getting started. One, a ridiculous mass of plastic bags you are unwilling to throw away. And two, an empty tissue box that you no longer need to throw away.

1. Straighten out the bag lengthwise.

2. Place the bag into the tissue box until only the handles remain sticking out.

3. Straighten out a second plastic bag and feed it halfway through the handles of the first.

4. Fold both bags into the box, again allowing only the handles of the second bag to remain outside the box.

5. Repeat until either your bag mountain has been deflated or until your box is full.

And just like that your bags are organized. Way to go!

Check out this organization tip in action below:


Photo by Dan4th

Photo by NicoleAbalde