The Nanny Who Watches The Red Sox’s Kids During Games Celebrated Their Win With The Team

Working as a nanny to the rich and famous comes with its perks. Just ask Ruth Copponi, who has been working as a caretaker for children of Boston Red Sox players for 23 years. The team’s caretakers watch the kids during games at Fenway Park, and now, Copponi is getting an opportunity most fans could only dream of: On Oct. 31, the former nurse joined the championship team’s parade through Boston as they celebrated their big win.

Since Copponi has been employed with the Red Sox for nearly a quarter of a century, it wasn’t her first ride on the city’s famous duck boats. But for this, her fourth time celebrating with the team at the parade, her grandson joined her.

“Red Sox won the first World Series [since Copponi’s employment with the team] in 2004, and that was unbelievable,” she told Boston 25 News. “Now they have won four, and this was probably the most wonderful year, because the players were outstanding.”

Here’s the station’s video about Copponi:


As Copponi notes, her entire family loves baseball. In fact, she was named after Babe Ruth.

Although most people only ever get to see the MLB players as professional athletes, Copponi has the unique perspective of getting to see them as dads.

“All the baseball players are outstanding fathers,” she said in the interview. “They are so good to their children. They are so concerned. They come in after the games and pick them up and hug them. They are wonderful, wonderful parents.”

And those wonderful parents got a really big party through the streets of Boston to celebrate their 2018 World Series win!

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The duck boats took off just after 11 a.m. They traveled from Fenway Park to downtown Boston, greeting hundreds of thousands of fans along the way. And of course, the fans posted plenty of shots from the parade on social media. The_boston_brat wrote “Sorry for all of y’all who had to work today” on her parade photo:

MLB tweeted some shots of the revelry in Boston:

Congratulations to the entire team as well as those who supported them along the way!