Red velvet shortbread cookies bring a festive pop of color to any gathering

Red velvet shortbread cookies
Cooking Classy

If red velvet tops your list of favorite dessert flavors, we have a new cookie recipe you will definitely want to try!

These red velvet shortbread cookies from Cooking Classy combine red velvet’s chocolatey flavor and rich red color with the crisp, tender texture of shortbread. The cookies are then dipped in white chocolate and covered in festive holiday sprinkles. And though this cookie recipe is perfect for the holidays, you can sub in pink sprinkles for Valentine’s Day, blue for Fourth of July, or leave them without sprinkles for a simple but stunning red-and-white cookie any time.

The recipe calls for unsweetened cocoa powder, red food coloring, powdered sugar, lemon juice, white chocolate and a few staple ingredients like flour, butter and salt. The cookies take 45 minutes prep time and 24 minutes of baking time, plus about 3.5 hours of chill time in the refrigerator.

Cooking Classy

Looking for more red velvet recipes? The flavor does not need to be contained to just cookies, as you can bake everything from red velvet cake to even fudge.

Take a look at this quick red velvet bread or these cheesecake bites that include cream cheese, graham crackers, red velvet cake mix, sugar, red food coloring, cocoa powder and white chocolate. You may also want to check out this red velvet fudge, these red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies or for a twist, these green velvet cheesecake bars.

If cookies are your favorite, try these red velvet sugar cookies or for something even easier, grab some of Nestle Toll Houses’ new pre-made red velvet dough. The red velvet dough comes in a roll and is mixed with white morsels reminiscent of cream cheese frosting.

Nestle Toll House

For an adults-only treat, Baileys makes a red velvet liqueur that tastes like fresh chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and a hint of cocoa powder. While the liqueur was listed as a limited-time offering in 2019, it is still on Baileys’ website, so you may be able to find a bottle near you.

Do you have a favorite red velvet recipe?


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