Red Velvet Sugar Cookies Are The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Goodies

If cake-making isn’t your forte, but you’d still like to show your sweetie just how much you care in the form of baked goods, you’re in luck. You can recreate a classic Valentine’s Day cake in cookie form, thanks to this recipe for red velvet sugar cookies from Wine And Glue. It’s the best of both worlds for a dessert lover, honestly!

You’ll start by making the deep red base, which calls for flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, red food coloring and a few other basic ingredients. From there, you’ll combine all of the ingredients and bake the cookies in the oven.

Then it’s time to top with frosting. You’ll need cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla extract to create the most amazing cream cheese frosting to complement your red velvet cookie.

The recipe yields 24 servings, which should look a little something like this once cooled and frosted:

Wine And Glue

Whether you’re baking for all of the people you love, for your child’s class at school or for your co-workers, this recipe is sure to spread joy to whoever is lucky enough to get it in their mouth!

If you are baking for just yourself and your significant other, there’s also a small batch version of this recipe from the Dessert For Two blog, which yields only six servings. (If you’d rather split all 24 cookies from the previous recipe, there’s no judgment here.)

Dessert For Two suggests creating a red velvet cake-like base using flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, egg yolk, red gel food coloring and a few other ingredients. Instead of topping with frosting, this version completes the dessert with a candy-shaped heart made out of either white chocolate or peanut butter, such as one from Reese’s.

The end result is absolutely adorable:

Dessert For Two

If quick and easy desserts are more your thing than elaborate cakes, you might also want to check out this recipe for red velvet cheesecake truffles from They’re way better than a box of chocolates, but still very Valentine’s Day appropriate.

You will need a red velvet cake mix to complete this recipe. But the good news? It doesn’t matter what the cake looks like once it’s out of the oven because it’s going to be crumbled, combined with cream cheese and dunked in white chocolate in the end. Phew!

So, who’s ready for a decadent and hassle-free Valentine’s Day that still lets you (and your loved one!) enjoy the rich flavor of classic red velvet?