Red, white and blue Oreo cookies are now in stores


Maybe the fireworks display, the parade down Main Street, and the cookout at the community pool have been canceled this year, but you can still find ways to have some Fourth of July fun.

In fact, you don’t have to wait until Independence Day to celebrate with a red, white and blue treat because Oreo has you covered with some limited-edition cookies that are available now. Oreo announced its latest variety on social media, including this post on Facebook.

“Summer just got a little more exciting with our limited edition red, white, and blue creme filled OREO cookies,” they wrote.

If you were hoping for a comeback of the Firework Oreo from a few years ago, Red, White Oreos are not the same. The Firework cookies were creme-filled cookies with bits of red and blue popping candy. This version is three layers of standard vanilla “Stuf” (a red one, a white one, and a blue one) sandwiched between two traditional chocolate cookies.

Aside from the three colored layers, there is one other difference between the special edition cookies and ordinary Oreos. It’s all in the appearance. If you look at the chocolate wafers, you will see that they have an American flag and the five Olympic rings embossed on the top.


The confections were announced early this year as Team USA cookies ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games. However, the summer games have been postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While they might be bright and patriotic, the real question is, how do they taste? According to many people who have tried them, they are tasty.

“The red, white & blue Oreos are inexplicable [sic] delicious,” tweeted Louisa Kwasigroch (@Mrs_K).

“They’re so good!” Danielle Keneaster commented on Oreo’s Facebook post.

If you are hoping to find them, start watching the shelves at your favorite grocery store. Alternatively, you can order online at, where they are about $6 for a 13.2-ounce package.


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