Redhead Emojis Finally Coming To Your Phone—Also Bald Heads, Toilet Paper And More

Gingers unite! There’s a digital revolution and we’re finally on the bandwagon with the rest of the world.

The latest emoji update gives long overdue recognition to the fiery-haired population who were previously unable to properly express themselves via text and social media. On June 5, the newest version of the Unicode Standard was released to the public. Among the more than 150 new additions to the emoji universe is a collection of redheads!

And, there’s a wide variety of skin tones to choose from!

Unicode Standard

Although natural redheads only make up less than two percent of the world’s population, those nearly 140 million people have been left out of the emoji loop until now. And, it was a “red-hot” topic for social media users for a long time. In fact, developers admitted that the lack of carrot top characters in their lineup was the “most-complained about subject” for quite some time.

Apparently, the ginger mobilization efforts worked and Unicode announced the carrot-top emojis pending arrival back in August 2017. Now, the long-awaited figures are here. Users may find it takes a little time before the Unicode updates on their devices. But, just be patient. You’ll be able to fire off the red-haired emojis soon enough.

redhead photo
Getty Images | Clodagh Kilcoyne

Other Emoji Additions

Redheads aren’t the only newcomers to the emoji lineup. Say hello to other new members of the emoji family:

Bald people

Because bald is absolutely beautiful!


Curly-haired styles

The new emojis are looking good with those bold curls!


Toilet paper

We’re sure people will find ways to work this in to their conversations, especially if they’re running low while texting from the bathroom…



How was the bagel not already among the emoji elite? Fortunately, that omission has now been rectified with this update!


Other new additions include superheroes, lobsters, infinity and much more! Here’s a preview of all of the latest emojis you’ll find on your favorite device.

What missing emoji have you been waiting for?