Redheaded emojis are coming to smartphones in 2018

Emoji Unicode

Redheads, rejoice! I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this, struggling to convey your emotions in a way that truly reflects you as a person. But the day has finally come. At long last, there will be an emoji that celebrates you in all your fiery-haired glory.

It was recently announced by Unicode Technical Committee that redheaded emojis will be coming to a smartphone near you in June 2018. The UTC is the group that decides which graphics and visuals will be universally accessible across different phones and platforms (they’re essentially THE source of approved emoji, which is why they’re able to tell us all the emoticons we’re using incorrectly!).

Emoji Unicode

For years, redheads of all hues have been complaining that there are no emojis that reflect their gorgeous locks:

But finally, redheads will be able to text message with the secure knowledge that their emojis reflect their truly unique beauty.

The truth is that redheads have been getting the shaft for quite some time. Not only have they been targeted for bullying, but they also tend to sunburn easily, and they might actually have an increased sensitivity to pain.

But being a redhead can also come with some amazing benefits. First of all, it’s highly rare (only about 1 to 2 percent of people in the world have red hair). Second of all, while it is true that redheads are highly sensitive to the sunlight and prone to sunburn, the reason behind this is actually pretty interesting.

Researchers theorize that the gene for red hair was an adaption that evolved in super-cloudy parts of the world like Scotland and Ireland, because it was a way to maximize the little time in the sunlight that these people enjoyed. By becoming extra-sensitive to the sun, they could make the most of the sun’s Vitamin D and absorb even more of its life-giving properties.

That’s so cool! Additionally, research has shown that redheads can actually make their own vitamin D, so when exposed to low-light conditions, they go into “redheaded superhero” mode and formulate their own, thanks to their body’s lower melanin concentration.

And not only are redheads able to make their own vitamin D, but they also won’t ever have to deal with gray hairs! Hey, with superpowers like that, it’s about time they get an emoji that reflects their gorgeous locks.


[h/t: Pure Wow]

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