Cut Down How Much Halloween Candy Your Kids Eat With This Clever Idea

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Have you bought into  the “Elf on a Shelf” tradition? If so, you’re gonna love this ingenious way to help keep your kids from an extra visit to the dentist.

A new children’s book, Switchcrafted, The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween, tells the cute story of Halloween and how witches need candy to make magic.

In adorable fashion it explains to children who Switch Witches are and what they do: On Halloween night, witches fly all over the world and exchange children’s Halloween candy for fun surprises and toys.

Included when you buy the Switchcrafted book is a stuffed Switch Witch that can be placed in your home, and a Switch Witch bag. Just have your children load the bag with candy, and in the morning, a fun surprise will be in its place.

Click here to buy the book and Switch Witch kit.