Reese’s Bats Are Here Just In Time For Halloween


Summer hasn’t ended yet but it’s entirely appropriate to get excited about the fall, especially where candy is concerned!

The classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup now has an all-new shape just in time for Halloween called Reese’s Bats. You’re bound to have the best house on the block with these treats in your candy pile come Oct. 31.

This isn’t the first time Reese’s introduced fun, holiday-shaped candies. You’re familiar with the Reese’s pumpkins, Easter eggs and Christmas trees, right? Thought so.

Bats are just the latest spooky shape to join the other holiday themes.


These very special peanut butter cups are available exclusively at Target, along with the newly released “Cookies & Screem” cookies and cream-flavored M&Ms, the “Witches Mix” from Dove and more spooky treats.

The batty bags are retailing for $3.59 a piece at Target, and as you might imagine, Reese’s fans are dying to get their hands on them.

As for the new shape—many folks see it as just another Reese’s buying (and eating) opportunity!

“Just an excuse to buy Reese’s as far as I see it,” one user wrote on Facebook in response to the announcement of their Target availability.

Others are excited just thinking about all of the Halloween desserts they could make using these fun bat shapes.

I might need to buy these! I won’t eat them. The things I could make,” another Facebook user wrote. 

Using Reese’s to create bat-shaped goodies isn’t a new idea, of course: The Crafty Recipes blog came up with a way to create bats using a miniature Reese’s cup and Oreo cookies. They’re almost too cute to eat, aren’t they?

Crafty Recipes

So, if you can’t find the new Reese’s Bats on Target shelves, this recipe is still a great option for your Halloween party.

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