Reese’s Coffee Creamer Makes Its Debut

When candy and caffeine combine, it’s a match made in heaven. If you love the taste of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, then make room in your fridge for an all-new coffee creamer like never before.

Reese’s and International Delight have teamed up to make your mornings so much better.

According to the Junk Banter social media accounts, Reese’s International Delight Coffee creamer is available in Wal-Mart stores now.

The Impulsive Buy confirmed this to be true, too—so it’s officially time for a happy dance.

The only thing better than a classic chocolate and peanut butter combo is when chocolate, peanut butter and coffee come together for the ultimate sweet boost of caffeine, am I right?

Junkbanter has already tried and rated the product, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a rave review.


“Though it smells chocolatey, it tastes like artificial peanut butter and nothing like Reese’s. I used as much creamer as it took to achieve this color, plus one stevia packet, and Reese’s didn’t dance through my brain ever. Wasn’t gross though. You’d need to add a lotttt of creamer to really make this close, or perhaps just add all the candy I’ve laid out here to fill space for a photo. 6/10 max,” it read.

But, some other folks on Instagram seemed to disagree:

“I use about the same amount of creamer with this flavor as i would with any other. I personally think it’s very similar to reeses [sic], and tastes great.”

So, honestly, the verdict is still out until we can try this for ourselves!

This isn’t the only way you can add Reese’s to your morning routine, either, fortunately for you!

There’s a special Reese’s doughnut out at Krispy Kreme for a limited time. It became available Aug. 4, so if you’re craving even more chocolate and peanut butter—you’ll need to scoop up a dozen of these donuts while you can!

Krispy Kreme

Besides—what better than a Reese’s doughnut to pair with your Reese’s coffee? You’re in for chocolate and peanut butter overload in the best way possible with these breakfast items on-hand!