Regal Cinemas Kids’ Movies Are Just $1 All Summer Long

This is great to keep in mind for all those "I'm bored" moments!

Next to Christmas and their birthdays, the last day of school each year likely tops the list of best days ever for your kids. And that first week of summer vacation? Totally epic.

But as summer break continues, despite the warm weather and no homework, it’s inevitable that kids will eventually get restless. And if you don’t have activities planned for pretty much every second, you’re likely to hear complaints of boredom more times than you can count.


$1 Movies Every Tuesday and Wednesday Throughout Summer

Thankfully, Regal Cinemas is here to help by offering $1 movies every Tuesday and Wednesday — for the entire summer. All movies at most locations start at 10 a.m., the perfect time to give the kids a bit of fun and still squeeze in a nice, long summer nap!

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Family Friendly Movie Lineup

Movies featured in the $1 lineup include:




“The Iron Giant”


“Curious George”


“Despicable Me”


“Ice Age: Collision Course”



The movie of the week plays on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you can either pick a day or go twice!

Movie Promotional Deal With A Purpose

You’ll also be doing some good with your ticket purchase, as a portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute, which promotes and funds medical research of cardiopulmonary diseases, purchases neonatal ventilator equipment for medical facilities and helps educate the general public on topics of health and fitness.

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Movie Savings Throughout The Year

Regal also offers a variety of ways to save throughout the year.

Regal Value Days are available at select theatre locations when you sign up for their membership program. These special events are where you can enjoy discounted movie ticket prices. Times and dates vary by location.

Every Monday, Regal Crown Club members save 25 percent on candy purchases. Plus, Tuesdays are the day where you can  50 percent on popcorn purchases!

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Where You Can Find Closest Regal Cinema

Not sure if you have a Regal Cinema near you? Just visit the company’s website to search for the closest location. With theaters in 41 states across the US, most people should be able to find a location close to them!

Enjoy the show!

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