This Student Was Working At Chipotle Before Walking In New York Fashion Week

Remington Williams had no idea that her life was about to change when she came in to work a shift at Chipotle one day.

According to Vogue, Williams was spotted by a talent scout while working at a Chipotle in Austin, Texas. After signing with DNA Models, a little over a week later Williams walked the runways of New York Fashion Week for designers such as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

Williams is originally from Denver, Colorado and is currently a graphic design student, the New York Post reports. She even has an Etsy shop where she sells her custom art.

The fashion industry hasn’t been nearly as cut-throat or catty as stereotypes make it out to be, Williams said. In fact, designer Raf Simons even took the time to teach her how to walk before hitting the Calvin Klein runway.

“During my callback, Raf Simons personally taught me how to walk,” she told Vogue. “He could have picked any model, but he believed in me so much that he took the time to help me so that I could do his show.”

Like other models in town for NYFW, Williams shared a “model apartment” and the other models became her support system.

“When I walked Calvin Klein, all of my roommates watched the live stream and were cheering me on the entire way. I didn’t expect to make friends so quickly, and I know these are relationships that I’ll have for a lifetime,” she told Vogue.

NYFW has come to an end but that doesn’t mean Williams’ journey is over. She’s reportedly going to London for the next round of fashion shows, too.

For now, the burrito-maker-turned model seems to be soaking in the experience. She wrote on Instagram, “It was an honor to walk the Calvin Klein as my first show. What an amazing debut.”

Before heading off to London she wrote, ” I will forever be grateful for @foremanmanagement finding me in @chipotlemexicangrill washing dishes and than [sic] volunteering to guide me through London fashion week.”

Breaking in wasn’t an issue for Remington Williams, but that doesn’t mean the transition into the modeling world has been easy. The hardest part? Walking in those heels! Which is precisely why she’s been practicing.

“[I’ve been wearing] the heels to the grocery store and bodega near my apartment,” she told Vogue. “Models do not get enough credit for walking in those crazy shoes — they make it look so easy!”

Based on her runway walk, she seems to be picking it up flawlessly. We wish her only the best of luck on this incredible journey. From the Chipotle assembly line to the catwalk — it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

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