Remove Any Laundry Stain With This Awesome Chart

Is there anything more frustrating than a stain on a favorite item of clothing? Besides the fact that spilling coffee on yourself on the way to work can instantly dash your confidence all day, and dripping cocktail sauce on your new dress at a holiday party can basically ruin your whole night, the resulting stain that you just can’t get out adds insult to injury. There have been plenty of charts and graphs and doodles done about the fine art of stain removal, but Real Simple has done a bang-up job of compiling one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides for all things dirty.

Did you drip ketchup on your shirt at this year’s company picnic? Did your two-year-old have a little trouble with that two-scoop ice-cream cone? Or maybe someone got a little sloppy with the red wine. This chart has an answer for every laundry issue we could dream up.

Who knew that hair spray could remove lipstick stains? Now, you do.

Hang this handy chart in your laundry room and be a laundry boss.

Real Simple