These Rescued Wolfdog Puppies Need Volunteers To Cuddle With Them

Volunteering is always a fulfilling and worthwhile use of your time, and sometimes, it can also be downright adorable. Such is the case with this volunteer opportunity in Clarkdale, Arizona, where dozens of wolfdogs and wolfdog puppies have been taken in by the animal sanctuary, Pets Return Home.

The wolfdogs were rescued from a “puppy mill” in Lassen County, California, where the operation spun out of control with more puppies being born than could be fed by the owner.

Now, Pets Return Home is looking for volunteers to help cuddle and socialize the rescued animals.

Wolfdogs are dogs that are bred with wolves. It is illegal to own a pure wolf in the United States, but wolfdogs are allowed in many states. Check out one of the adorable pups in this picture posted to Facebook by the sanctuary:

“In the beginning, we moved out 18 puppies,” Betsy Klein, co-founder of Plan B to Save Wolves, an organization that was involved in the rescue, told Fox 10. “We did have some die from Parvo, but 13 survived. Then we removed another 26 puppies, their mother plus a pregnant female, and we recently sent some dogs to Ohio.”

In addition to volunteers, Pets Return Home also needs financial donations and eventually forever homes for the pups. After their original call for help, the organization posted an update to Facebook with the details of their current needs.

In the post, the organization said they have received an “outpouring of support” in response to their request for volunteers and they noted that they will process requests as soon as possible.

For those interested in adopting, the organization asks that they join their adoption inquires group.

The organization is also in need of three or four volunteers who can commit to spending a few days a week helping with day-to-day tasks at the shelter and assisting with the wolfdogs.

Here are some of the cute pups feeding:

If you want to volunteer to help to socialize the dogs, you can complete the volunteer information form here. Those who wish to make a donation that will go toward food and medical supplies for the wolfdogs can do so here.