Resourceful Mom Fulfills Son’s Birthday Wish And Creates Him An ‘American Boy’ Doll

When Gina DeMillo Wagner’s daughter turned seven, she got an American Girl “Truly Me” doll.

Customizable to look like their owners, the dolls are a hot item and coveted by many young girls.

When her younger son, Miles, saw the doll, he wanted one that looked like him as well.

Unfortunately, American Girl doesn’t make “American Boys.”

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Determined to give her son a present he truly wanted, Gina set out on a mission to make a doll on her own.

“I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’d give a girl doll a makeover to resemble a boy (but not just any boy….my boy),” she wrote on her blog.

Scouring the internet, she was able to find a Madame Alexander doll with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes (like her son’s features) for $25.

Gina DeMillo Wagner

Using acetone, she was removed the doll’s lipstick and blush.

She also gently trimmed the eyelashes with scissors and gave the doll a hair cut to mimic her son’s.

She outfitted the doll with 18″ clothes from Etsy.

When Miles received his present, he was absolutely shocked and surprised that there was a doll that looked like him.

The look on his face and joy in his voice is absolutely priceless. He decided to name the doll “Fred Jones.” Pretty good, if you ask me.

Watch this short Instagram video to see his reaction.

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