Restaurant creates hysterical menu for kids

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Taking your kids out to eat at a restaurant can be a chore. One restaurant recognizes the battles parent have to fight. So, they created a funny kids menu that might just make weary parents smile.

Does this scenario sound familiar when going out with kids?

It starts with a fight over the seating arrangements. Then, you repeatedly ask them to use their indoor voices. Or you work to make sure they don’t make too big of a mess. Whew! It can be enough to leave any parent wishing they decided on takeout instead.

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Then it comes time to order. If you’re the parent of a child who responds to the question, “What would you like to eat?” with an “I don’t know,” or worse, a shrug of the shoulders and a blank stare, you might want to consider taking a trip to Maryland.  Fager’s Island, a seafood restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, created a kids’ menu that offers a tongue-in cheek rebuttal to any of your kids’ non-committal responses. See a snap of the menu posted to Reddit.

The names of these kids menu items from mildlyinteresting

There’s the “I don’t know,” which is your classic PB&J. If your kid says they “don’t care,” they get a PB&J with banana.  Even if they insist, “I’m not hungry,” they’re going to get the always-popular basket of chicken tenders. Then there’s the “I don’t want that,” which is a kids’ order of fries. And finally, if your kid is too busy playing a game on their device to put in their order, a distracted, “What?” is going to get them a cheese quesadilla. Genius.

Redditors responses about the menu were pretty clever too.

“Needs a ‘But I wanted to go to McDonalds!’ and an “It’s not fair!” option. Otherwise, spot on,” commented Reddit user illirica.

“Children will never not eat chicken fingers, even if they claim they’re not hungry,” user jopari rightly pointed out.

John Fager, the owner of Fager’s Island, told TODAY Food he got the idea from his daughter, Malorie, who has a 4-year-old girl.

Fager’s Island isn’t the only restaurant to come up with an LOL-inducing menu for kids. The Deli Mansion Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania came up with a similar menu. 

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the never-ending struggle of life with kids. Kudos to restaurants who support hard-working parents, even if it’s just with a nudge and a chuckle.


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