The Results Are In: These Are The 10 Best Pizza Spots In America

Pizza: It’s an American staple. Whether you’re at a party, a sporting event or just watching movies at home, pizza is an acceptable meal for every occasion.

But which pizza places are actually the best? We’ve got the scoop.

According to TripAdvisor, these are the Overall Top 10 U.S. Pizza Restaurants, based on “the quantity and quality of reviews for pizza restaurants, giving more weight to reviews written in the past year.”

To make the cut, a pizza restaurant must:
1. Actually be a pizza restaurant, meaning a majority of reviews exclusively mentioned pizza.
2. Have a minimum of 500 reviews on TripAdvisor.
3. At least 10 percent of those reviews must mention “best pizza.”

Without further ado, here are the results. *drumroll*

1. Juliana’s Pizza – New York City, New York

Overview: If you’re tired of waiting in line at pizza restaurant, Grimaldi’s, hop in the line that is just a tad bit shorter over at Juliana’s – conveniently located right next door. (Fun fact: Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s are long-feuding family rivals.)

I am lucky enough to have personally eaten a slice of heaven from here before, and let me tell you – giving this restaurant the #1 slot is something I agree with 100 percent.

Specialty: Its fire-coal hearth and thin-crust slices.

TripAdvisor - PreacherKane

2. Pizza Time of St. Augustine – Saint Augustine, Florida

Overview: This spot is cash-only, wine prices are 2 for 1 during its all-day happy hour, garlic knots to die for and, oh yeah – pizza. Lots of it.

Specialty: NYC-style thin crust, and its variety. (Lasagna pizza?? Count me in.)

TripAdvisor: Bob C.

3. Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria – Anchorage, Alaska

Overview: A rustic look and feel allows for a constant mix of regulars and casual visitors. If you can’t find a table, there’s always a seat at the bar.

Speciality: Local beers on tap, homemade root beer, huge portions, friendly staff and atmosphere.

TripAdvisor - toohip2cool

4. Keste – New York City, New York

Overview: This is an Italian-style, family-friendly restaurant. Everything on the menu is Italian, everything on the menu is to die for.

Speciality: Its neapolitan pizza, quick service and authentic Italian taste and experience (one reviewer says “one bite brought me right back to Naples!”)

TripAdvisor - ml m

5. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, California

Overview: This restaurant has over half a dozen ovens to warm specific types of pizza (from gluten free to coal fired) to specific temperatures, the meat balls are delicious and the wine list is extensive.

Speciality: The diversity in pizza types and temperature-specific ovens. Plus, their Margherita pizza is award-winning.

TripAdvisor: Crystal H.

6. Pizzeria Regina – Boston, Massachusetts

Overview: This place is rustic, seats a total of about 40 people and gives customers a chance at savoring the historical presence that is within the city of Boston.

Speciality: Its charming and old-school environment, thin crust pizza and reasonable prices.

TripAdvisor - army_arch

7. Antico Pizza Napoletana – Atlanta, Georgia

Overview: Pizza is made right before your eyes, there’s an outdoor patio with music and a gelato store and the dining environment is very casual.

Speciality: Its authentic Italian ingredients, BYOB or BYOW (wine) options, wood fired grill.

TripAdvisor - ebabwbmb

8. Bill’s Pizza – Palm Springs, California

Overview: A variety of choices and flexible mixing options, a casual dining experience and a location that is walkable from downtown Palm Springs makes this pizza place another California favorite.

Speciality: 75 cent beer, cheap bucket-style wine, a variety in the pizza and salad department, a fun people-watching experience.

TripAdvisor - rogerdob

9. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana – New Haven, Connecticut

Overview: Big slices, good service and fresh ingredients make this a customer favorite that nobody can go to just once.

Speciality: Its White Clam pizza was specifically written about by multiple reviewers for its delicious taste and crust.

TripAdvisor - eddiebronx_newyork

10. John’s Pizzeria (Bleeker St.) – New York City, New York

Overview: As the third pizza place on this list from New York, this pizzeria has a rustic charm and thin crust that is prepared well. (This place is also cash-only.)

Speciality: The Garlic pizza, along with its old-school vibe.

TripAdvisor - Darren W.