The Results Are In On The New Choco Chip Oreos

There can never be too many Oreo flavors. Sure, the originals are great and all, but why would you stop there? Especially when you can combine your two favorite cookies into one.

The world’s first Choco-Chip flavored Oreo is here, so yes. That means you can enjoy a classic cream-filled Oreo and a chocolate chip cookie all at once. Now, it just doesn’t get better than that, in theory.

PopSugar and BuzzFeed were among two of the first publications with exclusive taste tests of the latest cookie creation. What did they think of it?

Well, the folks at PopSugar said, “The filling does taste exactly like chocolate chip cookie dough, albeit with a slightly fake aftertaste and while the cookies have that classic Oreo flavor, they tasted a little stale.”

However, they did admit that there’s a trick to fixing those problems. Apparently, a few seconds in the microwave will lead to a more authentic “straight from the oven” kind of chocolate chip cookie-eating experience.

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BuzzFeed employees also had mixed reviews of the limited-edition cookie. “LOVED IT! The taste kind of reminded me of Cookie Crisps cereal (which is *always* a good thing),” one employee said.

“These sort of taste like nothing, in a comforting way. If I wanted an Oreo and I had one of these, I would be disappointed. If I wanted a chocolate chip cookie and I had one of these, I would be disappointed. But if I wanted to snack mindlessly on something sweet, I could absolutely put away an entire row of these without thinking. Or blinking,” another BuzzFeed staff member said.

So, it seems like it’s hard to recreate the classics in this case. If you’re hoping to chow down on a mash-up that’s not necessarily as good as a plain Oreo or Chocolate chip cookie and are open to something entirely different, new and delicious— well, this is what you’ve been looking for.

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[h/t: Popsugar]