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Here’s What To Do If A Retailer Sends You Something You Didn’t Order

When you get two but only ordered one...

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve probably been taking advantage of all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and have been placing some hefty online orders. With so many orders coming in and shipping out, mistakes are bound to be made somewhere. So what happens if you open that package and find that the retailer has accidentally sent you something you didn’t order?

According to Consumerist, you are under no obligation to return items that were wrongfully sent to you, so go ahead and consider them a free gift!

You have solid ground to stand on when it comes to your justification for keeping extra items: The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) dictates that you have the right to keep unordered merchandise. The seller is not allowed to ask you to pay for it either.

If you’d like to contact the seller about the issue, you’re more than welcome to do so, but the FTC says you’re not legally obligated to.

Consumerist talked to a Target spokesperson who said the first option is to keep or donate any extra items that were shipped along with your original purchase. You can also call a customer service rep to let them know about the mix-up.

Lifehacker reiterates that there are no legal ramifications to keeping unordered items that were sent to you by a retailer. However, they do recommend calling customer service right away (though you can definitely let them know that you are legally entitled to keep the item).

So, if you wind up with extra goodies at your door due to the Black Friday sales rush, congratulations, you are now the lucky owner of an extra iPad, bundle of socks or whatever wacky item may have ended up in your package, at no extra cost to you.

[h/t: Consumerist]