A Retired Engineer Built A Miniature Disneyland In His Backyard For His Grandkids [Video]

Disneyland is a pretty amazing place, but let’s face it, it can get pretty darn expensive. Steve Dobbs, a retired aeronautical engineer, wanted to make his grandkids something just as cool as Disneyland but in the comfort of his own backyard. Dobbs named the backyard theme park Dobbsland.

The Orange County Register reported that the idea for Dobbsland started over three years ago when he bought the grandkids a Thomas The Tank Engine train. And, kids being kids, they got bored with the new toy after 10 minutes. So Dobbs started coming up with more and more creative ways to keep the kids entertained.

“My younger grandkids are nuts about Disneyland,” Dobbs told The Orange Country Register. “I wanted to give them a reason to come over to my house to spend time with me, and Disneyland is tough to compete with.”

Dobbsland now features a Finding Nemo submarine (made from PVC and trash bins), a castle with robotic Frozen dolls and a Winnie the Pooh ride.

And for the major attraction, students at California State Polytechnic University used their senior research project to help build a 100-foot-long version of the Disneyland’s famous Matterhorn rollercoaster.

Dobbs says there are more rides already in the works. Thanks to Steve for being such a great grandfather and providing some good-fashioned fun for the kids.

Watch the video above to get a tour of the private park.

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