This retro typewriter keyboard is made to pair with your tablet

If you’re a lover of vintage, then you likely miss typing on a typewriter. There’s just something about the sound, the way those less-efficient keys feel beneath your fingers. Ahh, the good old days! But, in this modern age, typing on a typewriter’s just not practical.

Well, it wasn’t—until now.Enter: the Penna keyboard from Elreton.

This keyboard has the keys of a typewriter, the speed of a modern keyboard and cradles your tablet. That’s right. It’s the perfect mix of old and new, and it’ll make your retro-loving heart throb.

Feeling nostalgic? Just wait until you see this incredible invention in action:

The design is sleek, yet recalls all of the retro aspects you know and love. Those circular capped keys, for instance.

And the manual aspect of the side handle is definitely a nod to olden days—but this handle happens to help you save frequently used words so you can easily access them anytime. That’s definitely a modern upgrade!

The keyboard pairs to your tablet through bluetooth and is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and MacOS devices.

This thing of nostalgic dreams was brought to you through a very popular crowdfunding campaign. The product exceeded its funding goal by 995 percent on Indegogo, raising a total of $998,571 at the time of publication.

According to a recent update on the Indegogo page, the Penna keyboards are in the mass production phase, with the final step of the phase including shipping. So, if you’ve already ordered one of these keyboards, there won’t be much longer to wait until you can start typing with this vintage-inspired item. But not to worry—the company’s still accepting orders, so if you haven’t gotten yours just yet, there’s still time.

The starting price for a Penna keyboard is $180, but you could score one for just $139 at the time of publication.

And just in case you were wondering—this comes fully equipped with that typewriter sound. Prepare for a walk down memory lane!