These 3 Thanksgiving turkey recipes are inspired by famous hot dog styles

chicago style hot dog turkey from Reynolds
Reynolds Wrap

A giant turkey in the center of the table is a Thanksgiving tradition, but if you’re getting tired of the same flavor year after year, Reynolds Wrap has created three brand-new recipes, all inspired by another classic American food: the hot dog.

The cookware company has created three “turkey dog” recipes, all inspired by popular hot dog styles, including the no-ketchup Chicago style, the onion and sauerkraut-covered New York style, and the popular chili-cheese dog.

The Chicago-Style Turkey Dog is definitely for mustard-lovers. The turkey will turn a mustard-yellow color after it’s rubbed with a combination of celery salt and ground mustard and glazed in yellow mustard. The cooked bird is then basted in a fresh coat of mustard glaze before being served with pickle spears, chopped onions, sport peppers and tomato slices.

Reynolds Wrap

Is mustard not your thing? The New York-Style Turkey Dog is for ketchup fans and features a bright-red glaze made from the condiment, plus a zesty onion powder rub. It is then topped with sauerkraut, homemade onion sauce and spicy brown mustard for a New York touch.

The Chili Cheese Turkey Dog doesn’t have mustard or ketchup — instead, its flavor comes from a chili powder rub. You can top the finished bird with shredded cheese, onions and sliced jalapeños to re-create that chili-cheese-dog flavor.

chili cheese hot dog turkey from reynolds
Reynolds Wrap

While these recipes are no doubt unique, Reynolds Wrap has also created a variety of other interesting turkey recipes you might want to draw inspiration from. Find recipes for a Mac and Cheese Turkey and one covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust. Or, light up your table with a Glitter Turkey. If these don’t sound appetizing, Butterball also has a few unique ways to spruce up your holiday entree, as with this Dill Pickle-Brined Turkey.

When Turkey Day comes around and you start cooking your meal, Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line will be back for the 40th year to assist you with any problems. You can also call Jennie-O’s talk line at 800-TURKEYS or text “Turkey” to 73876.

Will you be making a traditional turkey or changing it up a bit this Thanksgiving?

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