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Richard Branson’s Adults-Only, All-Inclusive Virgin Cruise Line Is Launching A Second Ship

Better leave the kids at home for this one!

Billionaire business mogul Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin cruise line, Virgin Voyages, has just announced the name of its second ship—even though the first one doesn’t set sail for several months.

The first ship, Scarlet Lady, makes her inaugural trip to the Caribbean in April 2020, departing from Miami. The company recently announced on Instagram that Branson gave his official “seal of approval” to the Scarlet Lady:


And the second ship, to be named Valiant Lady, will sail three itineraries out of Barcelona, Spain, starting in May 2021. Each of the planned seven-night itineraries includes an overnight in Ibiza before stopping in France, Italy and Spain along the Mediterranean coast.

“We are thrilled to unveil the name of our second ship — Valiant Lady — and to deliver on our commitment to offer travelers a sea change in how they can experience cruising in this fantastic part of the world,” said Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages, in a press release, per People. “Our sailors will fall in love with the places we go and the moments and memories they will be able to create on our gorgeous ship.”

Here’s a glimpse of the ship:


If you’ve ever wondered how Branson does cruises, well… it’s strictly an adults-only affair. The 69-year-old told People in July that he wanted to start his own cruising company because he had never found a ship he actually wanted to set sail on.

“I’ve never been on a cruise, I’ve wanted to go on a cruise,” he said. “That’s why we started a cruise line, just to try to create a cruise ship that was fun, and that was for adults.”

And it really does sound like fun. Virgin Voyages promises an “escape from the chaos” of casinos and kids. You’ll be able to go to a drag show. Get a tattoo, should you feel the urge. Attend spa parties hosted by top DJs. Even raid the chef’s fridge and whip up your own midnight feast at a late-night lock-in. Basically, all the stuff you can’t do when you have kids in tow.

You can book onto the Scarlet Lady now, and bookings for the Valiant Lady open on Dec. 19, 2019.