8 Ridiculous Dog Halloween Costumes You Need To Buy Right Now

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There’s a big holiday coming up at the end of the month, where large and small humans dress up and go to parties and people’s houses asking for Snickers bars and such. Sometimes their dogs follow along (at least for the door to door thing) and we found some great Halloween costumes for the four-legged friends.

Whether a dog stays in costume for all of Halloween night or only long enough to take a picture, you’re going to want to own one of these.

1. Shark

You’ll have the cutest little land shark on the block. This medium size is perfect for small dogs.

$14.26 on Amazon


2. Hot dog with mustard

Your furry little wiener dog will look totes adorbs with a little mustard and bun action.

$13.99 on Amazon


3. Star Wars Ewok costume

The Force is strong with this outfit! Curiously, Amazon calls it a Men’s Ewok Pet Costume. We’re guessing it fits little girl dogs too.

$10.99-$29.84, depending on size


4. Star Wars At-At

Larger dogs are a perfect fit for this outfit. So what if they look somewhat awkward, now Chewie, get us outta here!

$18.77 on Amazon


5. Yoda

Small and green you are. No problem that is. Dress pooch up in this you will. Spend just $13.25 you will. Hmmmmph.


6. Octopus

If sharks aren’t so much your sea creature of choice, there’s always the option to go with an octopus. Why not?

Etsy, inquire for price



7. Pity The Fool


Even if your Halloween plans only involve staying home and watching “The A-Team” reruns with your pooch, he needs to be wearing this costume while doing so.


8. Chia Pet


Dressing your dog like everyone’s favorite pet from the ’80s is definitely the way to go if you’re hoping to win a costume contest. I Found the Place even has a tutorial that teaches you how to make it yourself because then only then better than a dog Chia Pet costume is a dog Chia Pet costume you can DIY.

I Found the Place

h/t: BuzzFeed.

Photo by mccun934