14 Ridiculous And Useful Must-Haves For Those Who Love To Shower

Showering is something that must be done daily so that we can maintain our personal hygiene and not be stinky. But we don’t have to think of showering as a chore. Taking a shower can be considered fun, calming and even a way to spark our inner genius.

But if you aren’t quite at the point where you’d call yourself a shower lover, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 14 products that can help enhance your showering experience:

1. Wine Glass Holder

To keep your wine glass within reach at all times, even when you’re getting clean, use this holder. Suction it onto your shower wall and you’re good to go.


WaveHooks Wine Glass Holder, $12.50

2. Color-Changing Shower Head

This shower head changes colors based on the water temperature to red, blue and green. The intensity of how the water sprays can also be adjusted to a wide spray or a narrow, more vigorous spray.

Most importantly, this product can also be set to warn you if your water is getting too hot.


Led Shower Head Color Changing Light, $19.99

3. Blood Bath Shower Gel

For all the vampire lovers out there, there is now a shower gel designed to look like blood in a blood transfusion bag. Wash your body with this fake, cherry-scented “blood,” or better yet, put this in the guest bathroom and give someone an innocent scare.


Blood Bath Shower Gel, $10

4. Bacon-Scented Body Wash

Or if the whole blood thing isn’t your cup of tea, maybe bacon is. This body wash has a bacon fragrance, to make you smell like the breakfast food all the time.


Bacon Body Wash, $7.99

5. Three-Soap Dispenser

If your shower area is cluttered with different soaps and body washes, this dispenser may help. It holds shampoo, conditioner and body gel that you can access with a quick push of a button.


The UltiMate Dispenser, $16.97

6. Nose Dispenser

Or, if you’d like a soap dispenser with more personality, this nose-shaped one is pretty compelling. The soap comes out of the two nostrils, because of course it does.


Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser, $7.99

7. Waterproof Speaker

This hands-free, water-proof speaker is perfect for those who like to sing in the shower. It also has a built-in mic and has calling capabilities when you connect it to your cell phone.


Soundbot Water Resistant Shower Speaker, $11.99

8. Towel Warmer

For when you unfortunately have to get out of the shower and feel like you’re stepping into Antartica, put your towel into this portable towel-steamer and pull it out for immediate warmness. The steamer also comes with 6 facial towels.


Portable Towel Steamer, $54.70

9. Fog-Free, In-Shower Mirror

For those who want to shave their faces while conditioning their hair at the same time, put this fog-free mirror on the wall in your shower and you can kill two birds with one stone.

Other uses: brushing your teeth, or just checking out how ridiculously good looking you are.


InterDesign Forma Fog Free Mirror, $10.49

10. IPA Beer Soaps

These IPA soaps has a distinct scent of beer, with a scent that smell like anything from fruity to spicy, depending on the soap. Since beer is loaded with amino acids and vitamins, it vows to be great for the skin.


Beer Soap 6-Pack, $43.99

11. Drain Hair Trap

For those who have long hair, this flower-shaped drain stopper is not only adorable, but very practical. This stopper will catch all your hair and keep your drains flowing properly.


Stop-A-Clog Drain Protectors (Pack of Two), $7.99

12. Shaving Foot Rest

Shaving your legs is no easy task. Thankfully, we can now get this foot rest that will make it that much easier to do. All you have to do is suction it anywhere on the wall and put your foot on it. Bravo.


Suction Cup Shower Foot Rest, $10.12

13. Waterproof Whiteboard

If you feel like you always think of the best ideas in the shower, jot them down with this handy whiteboard. It also comes with paper, so you can tear off your ideas and go.


Shower Idea Board, $14.89

14. Darth Vader Shower Head

And now for the coolest shower accessory ever, this shower head allows you to shower in Darth Vader’s tears. Read more about it and learn about more Star Wars themed shower heads here.


Star Wars Darth Vader Shower Head, $44.20


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