Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Walk Down Aisle 17 Years Later, As Bride And Groom

17 years ago, if you had asked Adrian Franklin if he’d marry Brooke Gibson, he would have probably said, “eww no, she’s annoying.” Which is ironic, because he did just that on September 19th.

In 2001, Adrian Franklin and Brooke (Gibson) Franklin walked down the aisle together as ring bearer and flower girl at a family friends’ wedding.  And they did it again on September 19th – but this time to say their “I do’s.”

Adrian Franklin told ABC News,

“We are all in shock as to all the attention that this is getting…There was a picture that my mom posted on Facebook and we’re glad that it’s good news going out and not bad.”

ABC News

What’s adorable is Brooke claims to have had a crush on him since they were kids. But, “He absolutely could not stand me.” In highschool, Adrian changed his tune and asked Brooke to be his girlfriend. They’ve been together ever since.


On September 19th, they married in the South Gastonia Church of God – the same church they walked down together in 2001.

The Franklin family now has photos from both weddings displayed in their home. They hope to share their sweet story with their future children.

ABC News