Roasted radishes will become your new favorite side dish

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If I know anything about vegetables, it’s that they’re better roasted. Seriously. A little salt, pepper and some time in the oven goes a long way when you’re preparing cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and more. Now, you can add roasted radishes to the list of veggies that become even more delicious when they’re fresh from the oven.

If you’ve never experimented with roasting radishes before, it’s definitely worth a try— namely because they’re so easy to prepare. And yes, vegetables are good for you, yadda yadda. But, let’s be honest: what’s most important is how they taste.

Fortunately, if you search “roasted radishes” on Pinterest, a whole new world of radish preparation will come alive. You can experiment with spice combinations and even how thick or thin you slice the vegetables to get the desired crunchiness.

Here are a few stand-out recipes:

1. Chive Mustard Butter Roasted Radishes

Combining golden mustard with melted butter will create a flavorful coating on your roasted radishes. Top with fresh chives, salt and pepper, and devour. See the full recipe at Noming Thru Life.

Noming Thru Life

2. Garlic Roasted Radishes

Fresh garlic, butter, salt and pepper are all you need to transform the way you think about (and eat!) radishes. This simple recipe from The Real Food Dietitians is perfect for enhancing dinnertime.

The Real Food Dietitians

3. Roasted Radish Chips

Thinly slicing radishes will give you nice, crispy chips that you can feel guilt-free about snacking on. It doesn’t get better than that! All you’ll need to complete this recipe from Sugar-Free Mom are radishes, coconut oil, salt and pepper. Quick, easy and delicious? Sign us up!

Sugar-Free Mom

4. Mario Mushroom Radishes

If you want to have an extra bit of fun, you could always use this kitchen gadget to turn your radishes into mushrooms from the Super Mario Bros. video games before tossing them in the oven. This will surely entice your kids to give them a try come mealtime!

So, radishes for dinner, everyone?

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