This ridiculously long Hot Wheels track is every kid’s dream come true

Video maker Robert Carlson never outgrew his Hot Wheels—and that’s a good thing because he’s turned building those little orange tracks into an artform.

This week, on his 5MadMovieMakers YouTube channel, Carlson unveiled his latest epic track. The circuit features more than 100 feet of orange track and drops from a second-floor window at Carlson’s Los Angeles home and zig-zags around the entire backyard before dipping under a privacy fence and ending.

Carlson calls it “the ultimate backyard Hot Wheels track” and I’m inclined to agree with him. Watch the elaborate track in action below.

I don’t know about you but it makes me wish I was 10 years old again and had just opened a set of Hot Wheels on Christmas morning!

The best part of the video comes at 1:15, when you can watch a run down the entire track from a car’s vantage point. That amazing shot was made using a custom-built Hot Wheels car body onto which Carlson mounted a small Go Pro Session camera.

The lengthy run was made using 141 feet of Hot Wheels track and takes each car about 25 seconds to drive at an average speed of 3.8 miles per hour. It looks a lot faster when you see the video footage from the camera mounted on the car!

Since it was posted to YouTube on Dec. 26, the video has racked up more than 214,000 views. It’s not Carlson’s first viral video. A 2015 graduate of California’s Biola University, Carlson has been making similar YouTube videos since 2008. Some of his other Hot Wheels videos, including a long track on the beach, have been watched millions of times.

On his website, Carlson says he makes most of his living from his YouTube channel. He does not have an engineering background and says he builds all of his elaborate tracks using trial and error. You can watch a short documentary about him in the video below:

Pretty impressive! I was just excited if I could get my Hot Wheels cars to pull off a simple loop.

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