Roger Federer Is The First Living Person To Be Featured On A Swiss Coin

Roger Federer is a national Swiss treasure and, now, the tennis pro is literally part of the Swiss treasury.

That’s because Switzerland has just unveiled a commemorative 20 franc silver coin that features Federer’s face and name. This is the first and only time the country has celebrated a living person with a commemorative coin, so it’s a double honor for the Swiss native, who is known for his amazing athletic ability, his sportsmanship and his philanthropy.

The Swiss government will produce 55,000 of these collectible coins. As these coins are expected to be highly coveted, interested buyers can access the Swissmint website from Dec. 2 to Dec. 19 to purchase the Roger Federer coin in its “uncirculated quality.”

Federer took to Twitter to thank Swissmint and the Swiss government for the honor.

His fans were quick to celebrate Federer’s latest achievement, applauding him for being one of Switzerland’s best-known and most-respected exports.

Twitter user @JenicaBadaluta wrote that Federer is too modest and she highlighted the fact that the government has called him, “the perfect ambassador for Switzerland.”

Twitter user @DorisLaRubia concurred, writing that no one represents Switzerland better than Federer:

So why has the Swiss government chosen to honor Federer with this special coin? It’s not only because of his athletic prowess. The dedicated humanitarian has changed countless lives thanks to his tireless charitable efforts and his mission of educating children in need throughout southern Africa and Switzerland.

Indeed, the highest-paid tennis player is known as much for his eight record Wiblemdom titles as he is for his dedication to making the world a better place. His charity, the Roger Federer Foundation, has raised over $40 million and educated over 1 million children in Africa.

Federer himself has said that he doesn’t want to focus on his athletic skill alone, but rather on giving back to impoverished children.

“My dream would be like that I would be more famous for my philanthropic efforts than my tennis career,” the Career Grand Slam winner tells the Tennis World Foundation. “My tennis career can only be so long because the body can do it for so long but the Foundation is something that can be forever and I can involve my children in it.”

To purchase a Roger Federer commemorative coin, visit the Swissmint site here.