A Romper For Men Now Exists—And Twitter Feels Pretty Strongly About It

A new fashion option for men is taking over the internet: the RompHim. The male romper is designed for guys who want to look fashionable but still be comfy and not too stuffy. And maybe for guys who were a little jealous of their girlfriends’ comfy one-piece outfits.

The polarizing RompHim is on Kickstarter, and the creators say it’s for “Anyone who wants to make a statement.”


A key design element of the RompHim is what some ladies would call an improvement on the original romper: a “zipper fly,” making it much easier to take a bathroom break. “Recognizing that that is a hindrance for women. We figured, why not solve it for men,” ACED Design’s Elaine Chen told GQ. ACED Design is a group of business school students in Chicago who say they teamed up with one of the city’s leading fashion consultancies to bring this unique idea to men everywhere.

Their Kickstarter page has a sizing chart to help you determine what size romper to buy, because, they admit, “We realize that wearing a romper will be a new experience for many of our customers.”

The RompHim will retail for $119, but the Kickstarter special is priced at $95. Styles currently include red chambray, blue chambray and splatter print cotton. The 4th of July edition is already sold out.

ACED Design founders told Elle why they went with a romper: “It seems like an outfit that allows people to express themselves without needing to go as avant-garde as some runway looks.” Whether people are taking it as a serious fashion selection or a funny gift for the men in their life, Twitter is certainly going nuts with the news of a male romper.




But despite the sassy tweets, there seems to be interest. The Kickstarter project has already earned $200,000 after passing the initial goal of $10,000 in just hours. Backers are treated to a first edition RompHim if they cough up a large enough donation.

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