These Root Beer Float Pie And Cake Recipes Are A Delicious Twist On Dessert

A good root beer float is one of life’s simple pleasures. While you may think of it as a summertime treat — and they are so good when it’s hot out — that root beer float flavor is also amazing in a pie or cake. I know what you’re thinking: Pumpkin and pumpkin spice are in just about everything at this time of the year, so why bake anything else? But if you’re looking for a different dessert to serve at a holiday party, check out these recipes that use that root beer float flavor we love in pie and cakes.

Root Beer Float Pie

This easy recipe can be made with a store-bought crust to cut down on the work involved, though the graham cracker crust in the recipe does sound pretty easy and delicious. This pie gets its authentic root beer float flavor from, of course, a dose of root beer (diet works, too) and root beer concentrate, plus milk, vanilla instant pudding and Cool Whip. Get the full recipe from A Kitchen Addiction.

A Kitchen Addiction

Root Beer Float Cakes

Here’s another fun dessert with root beer. These individual wonders are root beer float cakes in mason jars. The cake recipe calls for the usual flour-sugar-eggs combo, plus molasses and root beer. Once the cakes have baked, you can set aside the jars until they’re ready to serve with root beer and ice cream. A Spicy Perspective has the full recipe, and as the post suggests, these would be great as party treats.

A Spicy Perspective

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Cake

While the previous two recipes are desserts the kids can enjoy, this one is for adults only. For a boozy twist on the root beer dessert concept, try this root beer bundt cake made with Not Your Father’s Root Beer, an alcoholic beer that tastes just like the soda. Like the pie recipe, this one is made for bakers in a hurry. It calls for using a box of white cake mix, plus butter, yogurt and root beer, of course. Peg’s Home Cooking has the full recipe.

Peg's Home Cooking

Adult Root Beer Float

And, we can’t help but point out that you could skip the baking and just enjoy this root beer in an adult float.

Not Your Father's Root Beer

Do you have a favorite root beer dessert recipe?