How To Do A Rose Braid Hairstyle For Yourself

You just need to know how to do standard and Dutch-style braids!

Is there anything prettier than a rose? Sometimes nature is the best inspiration, and that goes for hairstyles, too.

People are experimenting with some seriously beautiful braided rose hairstyles. Yep, it will look like you’re wearing the flower in your hair — and it’s such a romantic, cool style. Iterations of it are popping up all over social media, but master stylist and colorist Alison Valsamis seems to have really perfected the trend.

Check out her Instagram tutorial that shows you how to pull off this style for yourself:

That actually doesn’t look too complicated, although I’m sure my first attempt wouldn’t turn out quite as perfect as hers!

Styled below, using a gorgeous pink wig, I’m totally jealous of her “garden trellis” style:

This rose uses the whole head of hair and really conjures up the image of the actual flower:

Although Valasmis has proven to be a master of the style, she’s far from the only stylist who has experimented with floral-inspired looks. Check out this tutorial from YouTube beauty guru Nisha Davdra for a rose braid style that looks gorgeous:

And check out this half-up, colorful version from bridal stylist Natalie Nichols:

Three roses together evoke the look of a flower crown:

“The secret to the ‘wow’ factor here is that these are regular fishtail/Dutch braids but now they’re pulled apart which gives the complete look of being in full bloom,” celebrity stylist Anthony Nader told Britain’s Daily Mail of the style after it recently started growing in popularity online.

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Paired with the rose-brown hair color that is also making a splash currently, your hair game will be on point!

I’m guessing this style is going to be especially popular for weddings and proms this year.

Will you try to pull off a rose braid?

[h/t: PopSugar]