Rose-brown is the prettiest new hair color for brunettes

It’s no surprise to see pastel-inspired hair colors begin trending just as spring rolls around, because it’s the perfect time of the year to lighten up our looks. In the past, we’ve seen glitter balayagegalaxy-inspired dye jobs and smoky lilac become popular.

The color du jour is rose-brown and it’s becoming the style to rock in 2018!

Perhaps the best thing about rose-brown is that the color works for brunettes.

So often, the pastel hair trends require already being a blonde or bleaching all of your hair in order to to really see the rainbow of colors.

Not with this look — it’s definitely more subtle!

Alternative Hair Treatment Offered In Chelsea Salon
Getty Images | Daniel Berehulak

According to Allure, we have hairstylist Thi Thao Tu, who works out of the salon UltraFade in Sydney, Australia, to thank for starting this trend.

It all began with this Instagram post:

And the rest was history! More and more photos of this rose-brown hair color started popping up online, because the color is just so pretty.

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Look at this shade from Michael Richards hair salon:

It makes for a beautiful ombré effect:

But it’s also great as an all-over color:

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The shades work well for dark-haired brunettes:

Of course, those with lighter strands can definitely pull off the rose-brown trend, too — it may just look more golden:

If you’re thinking you might want to try rose-gold hair yourself, here’s what you’ll need to know before seeing a stylist.

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To achieve this look, Tu told Allure he used a combination of bleach, Olaplex (a treatment that rebuilds broken hair) and various brown and red dyes.

Are you ready to commit to this rose-brown color? Or maybe you want to go a little bolder with desert rose, a dusty blend of mauve and magenta strands made popular by colorist Caitlin Ford.

We’re also big fans of the peanut butter and jelly hair trend (yes, you read that right!). This color combo was created by Maryland stylist Megan Schipani. It’s gorgeous, don’t you think?

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