Rosé In A Can Will Make Your Summer So Much Better

If you thought you were living your summer to the fullest, well, turns out you were mistaken. While you may be enjoying the warm weather, making use of that rarely-seen half of your wardrobe and eating all of the watermelon you can absolutely handle, if you’re not drinking this— you’re just not living.

Canned rosé exists, and you have the company Pampelonne to thank for bringing it into your life. The brand also makes a canned red sangria, just in case that’s more your style. Me? I’d grab a case of both.


Pampelonne’s Rosé Lime flavor is made up of “100% Loire Valley” Muscadet wine. There are also the additional flavors of passion fruit, grapefruit, lime and sparkling water. Yum! As for the Red Sangria, the brand’s own special sangria mixture has been mixed with hints of orange and plum. So, sounds like all of the flavors of summer, if you ask me!


The fact that these are only 110 calories for the rosé and 120 for the sangria make these drinks that much easier to sip. Not to mention—they’re totally portable. Take them on a boat, to the pool or wherever the summer allows you to go!

Check out the Pampelonne website to find a distributor near you. Meanwhile, pray that there’s one close-by because once you pick up a case of these, your summer’s only getting started.

[h/t: PureWow]