A Rosé Wine Club Is Coming Just In Time For Summer

With summer in the not-so-distant future, it’s time to start some serious planning. By this, I mean: Planning what rosé to drink. Because priorities.

Luckily, the geniuses behind Winc Wine Club have developed a monthly wine subscription specifically dedicated to the perfect pink summer drink.

Partnering with the women wine influencers who founded Yes Way Rosé, the duo have created the world’s first-ever wine club devoted to rosé and rosé only. The collaboration has been dubbed Summer Water Societé (Yes Way Rosé founders Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal jokingly refer to the wine as “summer water,” hence the name), and we honestly can’t wait.

If you sign up for the club (and we will most definitely be doing this), you’ll receive timed deliveries of Yes Way Rosé’s proprietary wine, Summer Water Rosé. The wine is described as “dry, light and perfectly crisp—with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach.” Uh, yum.

With your membership, the wine will come in Winc’s new magnum-sized bottles, which hold 1.5 liters. Compared to a standard wine bottle that only holds 750 milliliters, this is a huge upgrade. The subscription service also includes fun gifts curated and designed by Huganir and Blumenthal.

Summer Water Societé

While the subscription service comes off as pink, frothy fun, it’s actually good business. Rosé is having a resurgence: according to Winc, year-over-year rosé orders jumped 300 percent in 2016 from 2015. Yes Way Rosé and Winc want to make sure none of these people get thirsty.

While the membership does clock in at the not-inexpensive price of $350 for the summer, it does include nine 1.5-liter bottles of wine, plus extra gifts (the site says it’s a $500 value). You already pay a premium to buy chilled wine in the summer or by the glass in restaurants, so the price seems well worth it to this rosé devotee.

Who else is looking forward to summer?