Roseanne Barr Says Cast Of ‘Roseanne’ Ready For A Reunion

Awesome news for “Roseanne” fans! Roseanne Barr just sent us into a tailspin with one simple tweet reading “roseanne show cast is up for a reunion show.”

Can this be real? Let’s cross our fingers that she is serious! A “Roseanne” reunion would be LIFE-CHANGING! Well, at least for die-hard fans like me.

If it does happen, I just hope all the cast really does participate, including both Beckys. But I can’t help but wonder: How will the writers handle John Goodman character Dan Conner’s death in the last episode? (Um, I hope I didn’t need to put a spoiler alert there. The show did end in 1997, y’all.)

And how will they handle Glenn Quinn’s tragic and unfortunate 2002 death in real life? (Quinn played Becky’s husband Mark Healy on the show).

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John Goodman (Dan) and Sara Gilbert (Darlene) also teased us earlier in the week with a spoof of “Roseanne” on Gilbert’s show “The Talk.” Seeing the two of them back together on that famous afghan-covered couch gave me goosebumps.

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During its nearly decade-long run, “Roseanne” was not just beloved by fans, but it was also critically acclaimed. It was nominated for numerous Golden Globes (and won several) as well as GLAAD Media Awards, American Comedy Awards, People’s Choice Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards.

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Roseanne Conner wasn’t your typical sitcom mom, and “Roseanne” wasn’t your typical family sitcom. It tackled tough issues like abortion, infidelity, birth control, cancer, homophobia, racism, child abuse, gender inequality, poverty, sexual harassment and addiction.

The show wasn’t for everyone, and it didn’t offer escapism like many sitcoms and television programs do. It was real, gritty and honest but, at the same time, hilarious, heart-warming and empowering.

“Roseanne” was one of the first television shows to feature gay characters, characters who were fully-realized, interesting, flawed and funny, just like everyone else in the cast.

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“Roseanne” was also a inspiration for many women who felt trapped in their roles as mothers and housewives. In the show, Roseanne grapples with her dream of becoming a writer while trying to raise kids, working dead-end jobs and managing family drama. She would talk openly about her goals and how being a mom/wife changed her path.

At the same time, she loved her family and fiercely supported them. Never before had a sitcom shown a housewife in such a powerful, feminist lens. She was no Mrs. Cleaver vacuuming in pearls. She was a bold, brash and comedic breath of fresh air for viewers who wanted their comedy with a dose of edge.

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Let’s just hope the reunion doesn’t take too long, because I am already imagining all the different plot lines the Conners might tackle in 2017. Of course, they’re gonna have to find some way to raise Dan Conner from the dead, because we can’t have “Roseanne” without him! Zombie Dan? Who knows!?

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