The Mystery Of How ‘Roseanne’ Will Feature Two Beckys Has Been Solved

Longtime “Roseanne” fans know there is a little bit of a confusing backstory involving the actresses who played daughter Becky Conner throughout the series. Lecy Goranson played Becky on the first four seasons of “Roseanne.” After the fourth season, she left the show to attend Vassar College and Sarah Chalke took over. Goranson returned for season eight but then departed again before the ninth and final season, when Chalke resumed the role.

If that isn’t confusing enough, a “Roseanne” reboot is coming in 2018 and both Goranson and Chalke will be on the show.

Wondering how that’s going to work?

Only One Becky

Goranson will reprise her role as the original Becky Conner, while Chalke will take on a new character: Andrea, a woman who hires Becky as a surrogate mother.

This will actually be Chalke’s third character on the sitcom. She made a cameo appearance as a trick-or-treater on the Halloween episode during season eight.

Along with the “two Beckys,” all of the core cast is lined up for the reboot, including Johnny Galecki as Darlene’s husband David.

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Fans Respond

Fans of the shows have shared mixed reactions to the news on social media. Some are excited to see both actresses join the rest of the cast, while others seem to have a clear favorite.

A few had their own ideas of how both actresses should be worked into the show, and then there are some who are simply eager for the show’s comeback.

 Where Have They Been?

Since the show’s finale in 1997, Chalke has gone on to play roles in many television shows and movies as well as animation voiceovers. Some of her most well-known characters include Dr. Elliot Reid on “Scrubs,” Stella Zinman on “How I Met Your Mother” and Beth Smith on “Rick and Morty.”

Goranson has had roles in the movie “Boys Don’t Cry” and TV shows including “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

“Roseanne” returns to ABC on Tues., March 27 at 8 p.m.