You can buy rotisserie chicken candy canes for your next holiday party

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Well, folks. The makers of the mac and cheese candy canes are at it again! Archie McPhee, a Seattle-based store known for its novelty gifts, is also selling rotisserie chicken-flavored candy canes for all of your holiday pranking needs. Whether you’re stuffing stockings with these, attaching them to wrapped gifts or handing them out as party favors, your guests are sure to get a laugh.

The savory candy has a yellow-and-brown-striped pattern, but this ain’t butterscotch. According to the product description, they taste exactly like rotisserie chicken.

Archie McPhee

You can purchase a box of six candy canes for $5.95 on the Archie McPhee website, and they’re also available on for $9.99.

According to those who have taste-tested these strange candy canes and reviewed them on Amazon, the flavor is … unique. “Omg they taste exactly like they smell and that was god awful,” one review reads.

However, some did point out that they’re great as White Elephant gifts, considering the White Elephant game is all about trading for gifts you’d actually want.

“Great white elephant gift!! I can’t speak as far as th[e] taste goes because someone else at the party got stuck with them. They were a hit though,” another Amazon review stated.

Good to know!

Additionally, there are reviews on YouTube that tell you pretty much everything you need to know. According to a video from the Tobes Plays! YouTube channel, the flavor is “disgusting”:

According to the brave souls on the RadioU RIOT YouTube channel who tried them, they do, in fact, taste like rotisserie chicken:

Brave enough to try rotisserie chicken candy canes? Complete the “meal,” so to speak, with gravy-flavored candy canes. It’s almost like having a home-cooked dinner!


Also made by Archie McPhee, these are available for $6.19 on

You can pair them with the mac & cheese candy canes for an unbeatable combo. Hey, you can’t beat chicken and macaroni and cheese:

Archie McPhee


Will you be giving savory candy canes a try this holiday season?