Your royal wedding watch party desperately needs this rosé apple cider

If you plan on giving up some precious hours of sleep on Saturday, May 19 to watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the ceremony is slated to start at 7 a.m. EST, 4 a.m. PST, guys…), you’re probably going to need a drink — and we’re talking about something a little stronger than coffee.

Instead of caffeine to wake you up in time for the nuptials, how about an early (so, so early) toast to the couple?

Announcement Of Prince Harry's Engagement To Meghan Markle
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

That’s right — we’re talking drinking before breakfast, my royal-loving friends. This is way beyond a little champagne cocktail at brunch.

Hard cider company Strongbow, which has a 125-year British lineage and a Royal Warrant, has introduced a new Rosé Apple Hard Cider and limited edition Royal Rosé Teacup Set, perfect for royal wedding viewing parties  — or just sitting in your pajamas trying to keep your eyes open.

The bride-to-be has not been shy about her love for rosé, so not only is the drink perfect as a toast to the couple, but according to Strongbow, the semi-dry cider has 50 percent less sugar than other hard ciders and gets its rosé color from a touch of red-fleshed apples — which means it’s totally healthy and fine to have for breakfast.

(OK, that last part was only according to me.)

For its limited-edition Royal Rosé Teacup Set, Strongbow partnered with renowned British designer Stanley Chow and an English china house. The set comes with a decorative saucer and an innovative wine glass that’s actually a tea cup mounted on a clear stem.

The whole thing is wrapped in a commemorative box for a sense of traditional elegance, making you at least feel like you’re celebrating with the royals even if you somehow didn’t get the coveted invite.

Strongbow Cider

While the actual commemorative china that will be used for the royal wedding features the monogram “HM,” Strongbow’s set features apples and crowns.

“By showcasing two apples unified by an arrow, we are representing the ingredients in rosé cider and expressing the love and union between the soon-to-be newlyweds,” Chow said in a press release. “We also added a bit of British fantasy by putting a royal crown jauntily cocked to the side of an apple on the saucer.”

The tea set costs $100, and while it does not come with the cider, you will get a a mail-in-rebate for it, so it is essentially included. Shipping is also free.


Of course, you can also put something else in the teacup/wine glass — like English breakfast tea — if you’re not up for early drinking. If you’re as invested in this wedding as I am, though, you might also want to consider some snacks for your royal watch party.

Regardless of what you drink, the teacup set will for sure have you feeling like a royal. Pinkies up!

Will you be watching the royal wedding?